John Wick 3: Complete Ending Explained!!

John Wick is one of the most popular action sagas today, and it’s not for less. His artistic direction, his choreographed fights, and the presence of Keanu Reeves have made the three films that we carry of the character cult stories from almost the moment of the premiere.

The latest installment, ‘ John Wick 3: Parabellum ‘, had rave reviews and the best box office in the entire series, as well as leaving us with an incredible cliffhanger and a question that still lingers in our heads: why did Winston shoot John Wick?

Well Chad Stahelski, creator of the saga, has spoken with The Hollywood Reporter and has shed light on the matter.

Did Winston want to shoot him? Yes, it’s already open for comment. You can take it one of two ways, and more or less we do it in John Wick to answer all the unanswered questions. I like 4 questions.

John Wick 3: Complete Ending Explained!!
John Wick 3: Complete Ending Explained!!

The answer to everything. ” If you do not do so, leave it unanswered. I also want to please the public, but I want to leave your imagination for a little bit, a little controversy. ”

After Winston’s shot, Wick falls from the roof of the Continental, but disappears, as the King of the Bowery, played by Laurence Fishburne, wants revenge. So one of his subjects saves Wick to help him in his particular war against the High Table.

“What other option did Winston have? If he didn’t kill John, someone else would hit John in the head. The continent will be taken from it or destroyed. So Winston tied his hands. Awaiting John’s escape? Konu loves it.

I hope. What he knew was that he would fall 17 feet down. I do not know. It is a bit unclear. Winston loves to gamble. I believe Winston is a very clever person and does not do the things he does not plan to do. He is not a scammer, so I will put him right there. “