Judy Mikovits, The American Virologist Who Claims That The Coronavirus Is A Sham

Bill Gates is behind the secret plot of the coronavirus, vaccines have undermined our immune system, and Dr Anthony Fauci has silenced the truth to undermine the credibility of President Donald Trump.

Those are some of the arguments raised by the American doctor Judy Mikovits, one of the main champions of the anti-vaccine movement and who in recent weeks has become the main reference for conspiracists who believe that COVID-19 is a farce.

In a 26-minute documentary called “Pandemic”, which was already taken off YouTube after being viewed more than 8 million times, Mikovits gives some of his postulates:

“Wearing a mask will kill more people. This virus does not spread through the cough of healthy people, who are almost certainly immune since they have almost certainly been infected in the last four or five years. “

Judy Mikovits, The American Virologist Who Claims That The Coronavirus Is A Sham
Judy Mikovits, The American Virologist Who Claims That The Coronavirus Is A Sham

According to 62-year-old Mikovits, the new coronavirus has been powered by a mid-2010 flu shot.

In the video, the doctor dispatches against the famous Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, for promoting quarantine and social distancing.

According to the virologist, Fauci silenced an investigation that she carried out on how vaccines can damage people’s immune systems and that due to these weak immune systems we are susceptible to diseases like COVID-19.

Dr Fauci has become the main target of the movements of the extreme right-wing of the United States, which even came out to protest against the use of a mask and the economic paralysis.

Amid the pandemic, last April Dr Mikovits published the book “Plague of Corruption” (‘Plague of Corruption’) where she presents herself as a professional who fights against the deceit of scientists. The book, by the way, reached first place on Amazon’s bestseller list and was already sold out.

Scientist Questioned

Mikovits has a degree in Biology from the University of Virginia and a PhD in Molecular Biology from the George Washington University. From 1992 to 2001, she worked at the National Cancer Institute and from 2006 to 2011, she was director of research at the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuroimmune Diseases.

However, she was fired from this institution after an investigation she carried out on chronic fatigue syndrome was discredited.

In 2014, already as part of the anti-vaccine movement, he spoke to Autism One, an annual conference discussing how vaccines cause autism.