Jurassic World 3: Lewis Dogson’s Return Is Confirmed

Will the can with the embryos also return?

Attention lovers or fans of Jurassic Park, because there is a name from the original trilogy that is back in the long-awaited ‘ Jurassic World: Dominion ‘. Do you remember Dodgson?

It is worth that the character of Lewis Dogson only appeared or performed in one scene in the original trilogy, but also his character was fundamental at that time and maybe in the new installment of the revival 27 years later.

To refresh or stimulate your memory, we will tell you that Dogson was the one who helped Denis Nedry steal dinosaur embryos from InGen. Incarnated by Cameron Thor, the role will now be performed by Campbell Scott (‘House of Cards’), as collected by Collider.

Jurassic World 3: Lewis Dogson’s Return Is Confirmed
Jurassic World 3: Lewis Dogson’s Return Is Confirmed

This time, Dodgson will be the CEO of Biosyn Genetics (InGen’s rival company), something that opens up numerous questions about what we are going to see in the new movie that Colin Trevorrow is preparing.

And also possible answers, because although we cannot expect to see Nedry, who never managed to leave Isla Nublar, it is possible that the famous can of shaving foam that contained the embryos and she was buried in the mud again among us thanks to Dogson.

Furthermore, there is the fact that Dogson’s will not be the only lap of the original trilogy. Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum are acknowledged or known to also return as Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm respectively. Could Dodgson’s incorporation somehow correlate to this reunion?

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