Keanu Reeves Is Training For ‘Matrix 4’ And John Wick 4


There is never enough training for Keanu.

A Keanu Reeves await a couple of very moved to years. The most beloved actor of the moment is pending release ‘Bill and Ted 3’, but we are not talking about that movie, but the fourth installments of two sagas that have marked his career at different times. ‘Matrix’, which made him jump into the history of cinema, premieres ‘ Matrix 4 ‘ in 2021; and ‘John Wick’, which has brought about his cinematographic rebirth, which premieres ‘ John Wick 4 ‘ as early as 2022.

The performer or actor who has already starred in many action films knows how demanding the filming can be and Reeves, who usually does his dangerous scenes himself, has decided to train hard to be prepared, opting for Taran Tactical, a specialized school in action doubles and, specifically, in handling weapons during filming.

The school profile has shared a photo of Keanu stating that he is back and, although we might think that the actor or performer could already be an expert in handling weapons after three installments of ‘ John Wick ‘, he never stops learning And, aware of the demand that awaits him on the two shoots, he has decided to continue training to be prepared.

‘Matrix 4’ will arrive in May 2021, bringing back the protagonists of the trilogy, except for Laurence Fishburne, the mythical Morpheus; ‘John Wick 4’ was to be released the same day. Unfortunately, at the moment, we cannot speak of specific dates but this expected title has finally been delayed its release until May 2022, a year apart.

For further updates on ‘Matrix 4’ stay tuned and keep reading “Andover leader”.


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