KGF 3: Things Why It Will Be Even Better And Bigger?

KGF 3: Things Why It Will Be Even Better And Bigger?

KGF 2, starring Sanjay Dutt, has been a huge box office success. With a global box office of close to $1 billion, the film has already surpassed Baahubali 2 (Hindi) and Dangal to become the third highest-grossing Hindi film of all time.

KGF’s creators stunned everyone by introducing KGF 3 at the end of KGF 2. Salaar filming is expected to wrap soon, and Prashanth Neel will reportedly take the stage following that. There are numerous reasons to be excited about the upcoming third installment of this popular pan-India action-thriller franchise.

Yash Is Expanding Its Horizons Beyond Russia’s Borders

A CIA agent arrives at the Prime Minister’s (Raveena Tandon) office and informs her that Rocky (Yash) has committed crimes in various countries around the world. On a global scale, police forces from around the world will go to any length to apprehend Rocky, as this scenario implies he will be in Rocky 3.

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Rocky And Ramika Fight It Out One-On-One

Unlike the first two Rocky films, which featured brutal fights between the hero and Garuda and Adheera, the third installment promises an intellectual showdown. Even if you don’t mind the high-octane stunts and action sequences, Rocky and Ramika Sen’s planned methods of destroying each other will be the most memorable aspect of KGF 3.

Prabhas Made An Unexpected Appearance

If Prabhas appears in KGF 3, fans will be delighted to see the Baahubali actor and Yash in the same frame. Because of the participation of two major Indian actors, the screens are likely to come alive with audience cheers.

The Pinnacle Of Swagger

The first two Rocky movies followed Rocky’s rise from Mumbai gangster to national criminal. Rocky’s swagger and one-liners were the character traits that drew the most admiration from the audience. His distinct septimal banter and punchlines will return for his third appearance as an international criminal in KGF 3.

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