Lehigh University Pennsylvania Yanks Honorary Degree It Gave To President Donald Trump In 1988

Lehigh University in Pennsylvania has rescinded an honorary degree that was given to President Donald Trump about 3 decades ago after the wake of Wednesday’s riot at the US Capitol which was taken up by his supporters.

Sources say that the university gave Trump the sheepskin back in 1988 after he spoke at the college’s commencement ceremony.

However, the official statement released by the university wasn’t specifying the grounds for revoking the honor from Donald Trump, but the fact is that some faculties and staff in the university already had a long call for stripping the honorary degree from Trump.

Lehigh University Pennsylvania Yanks Honorary Degree It Gave To President Donald Trump In 1988

“In a special session Thursday of the Executive Committee of the Lehigh University Board of Trustees, the members voted to rescind and revoke the honorary degree granted to Donald J. Trump in 1988,” the statement read. “The full Board of Trustees affirmed the decision today.”

A journalism professor at the university, Jeremy Littau applauded the decision taken but said that it should have been done long ago.

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