LGBT+ marches and protests in London over racial injustice

Demonstrators called for an end as thousands of people who have marched globally this weekend in support of Pride and racial justice have often overlooked the kind of racism within the LGBT+ community. 

Throughout June, Pride events were about to celebrate LGBT+ rights and were held globally. However, they had to step down and cancel or move these events online this year due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Though the protests that are spurring over racial injustice have given way to a series of live events.

According to resources, LGBT+ people of color are the ones who are more prone to violence and poverty.

LGBT+ marches and protests in London over racial injustice
LGBT+ marches and protests in London over racial injustice

Moreover, it was also revealed that half of Asian, Black, and LGBT+ Britons did face discrimination from within their community, that is, from the members of their own community, according to a 2018 Stonewall/YouGov survey.

In addition to that, Kwamina Theo Amihyia who had joined a Black Trans Lives Matter march in London gave away a statement saying that it is still quite prevalent.

She further added that they are seen as almost some second-class citizens as a lot of the strides are often made for the white members of the LGBT+ community.

Moreover, these events spurring over racial inequality came under the microscope after the death of a Black African-American George Floyd, 46, who was killed by a white police officer by kneeling on his neck for straight nine minutes in the United States on 25 May.

Since then many statements were released in support of protests following George Floyd’s death.

Many LGBT+ groups pointed out the radical origins of the LGBT+ rights movement through these statements, which was 51 years ago that emerged to fight against the police brutality at the Stonewall Inn in New York.

Thus, London’s Black Trans Lives Matter march was one of those events planned to support Black Lives Matter the previous weekend and on Sunday too many people were expected to attend an event that was moved online but now is back to the streets, that is, New York’s Queer Liberation March.

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