Liability Protection played by Pennsylvania nursing homes. 

Amid the increasing cases of the virus, Pennsylvania nursing homes and long term care providers are fearing lawsuits. That’s why they have asked for the liability protection from senators. 

President of leadingAge PA, Adam Marles said that“We need the House and Senate to protect healthcare providers from frivolous suits and staggering liability insurance premium increases,” Many members have received their policy renewals, with premium spikes near half a million dollars, before any suit has even been filed.” 

He further said that even those providers who are one of the top providers are afraid of the lawsuit. And this fear is irrespective of whether the staff and the residents have been infected with the deadly virus or not. 

Liability Protection played by Pennsylvania nursing homes. 
Liability Protection played by Pennsylvania nursing homes.

He further said that even those claims that are frivolous according to him can cost them as much as $50,000 to $1,00,000. That’s why he reiterated that for the time being, their topmost concern is liability protection. 

Levine said that it is their tireless service that allowed the hospitals to take admission of severely ill patients and they could discharge the patients who are not as ill to the nursing facilities.

She also said that “We only had a few cases where patients were sent to rehab facilities that had the full ability to take care of them because we had to decompress the hospitals,” 

While many people were demanding the resignation of Levine, Governor Tom Wolf said that he is perfectly happy with her work. For more such latest news, stay tuned with us. 

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