Love, Death and Robots Season 2: Release date, Plot and other amazing details you need to know


Love, Death, and Robots is an American sci-fi web television series and cartoon anthology based on the characters created by Angus McKie, Thomas Warkentin, Richard Corben, Dan O’Bannon, and Bernie Wrightson. The show first premiered on March 15, 2019, on the streaming giant, Netflix consisting of a total of eighteen episodes.

The show provides a set of short stories in a wide range of genres from comedy to horror. These unique tales feature bots and make room for smart yogurt’s life span controlling a post-apocalyptic area.

Love, Death and Robots Season 2 Release Date

The second season of the series was announced by Netflix on Twitter. However, the show requires a moment to get together. As a result of which, there’s no confirmation regarding its release date as of now.

The outbreak of the pandemic has worsened the situation for production houses. Thus, nothing is lucid enough about Netflix’s announcement relating to the show. Official dates will be most definitely out once the pandemic subsides and everything hopefully resumes to normal life.

Love, Death and robots Season 2 Plot

This is a show with no apparent plot as it’s an anthology showcasing eighteen different stories in its first season. These stories definitely hit fans with a unique touch as all were of different styles, casts, and cartoons. 

Each episode was twenty minutes long displaying a mixture of schemes such as black mirror and devil man Crybaby including science fiction. These plots were completely unattached, thus it’s not possible to predict the storyline of the second season as it will bring concepts to you in an episodic format.

The updates did stress on the fact that music production has begun and a few events have been prepared and filed. Moreover, Tim Miller, the executive producer said that this show was his dream project which he had never envisioned to be a massive hit. He is certainly happy that his dream project was received well by the audience. Surely, animations and adult-based plots are making their mark among the audiences.

Fans just need to wait for a little for the series to release. This will definitely be worth the wait. So, stay tuned.


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