Make your Hotel’s marketing graphics creation easy with PosterMyWall

Make your Hotel’s marketing graphics creation easy with PosterMyWall
Make your Hotel’s marketing graphics creation easy with PosterMyWall

PosterMyWall, an affordable and user-friendly online graphic design tool, has made creating graphic and video messaging for hotels and foodservice organizations faster, easier, and more affordable than ever before.

Hotel and foodservice operators need to create a steady stream of graphics and messaging. Even in normal circumstances, there are ads to create, special offers to promote, menus to update, in-room signage to print, and meeting schedules to publish. And depending on the message and purpose, each design may need separate versions for print, web, email, social media, and digital signage. Since COVID-19, that list has expanded to include an array of constantly-evolving health and safety messages.

The challenges this presents to hoteliers include the amount of time required to manage this need, the cost of high-quality graphic design, having talent available to deliver an immediate turn-around, and maintaining design and brand standards.  

Even hotels that belong to chains need location-specific communications to promote hotel amenities, communicate rules, provide directional assistance, explain policies and procedures, and promote restaurant specials.

PosterMyWall cost-effectively solves all of these challenges.

How PosterMyWall makes design effortless for hotel operators:

·  PosterMyWall has thousands of professionally-designed free templates. The platform’s simple online-interface makes it easy for anyone to browse by category and select a template.

·  It’s easy to customize any template to fit a brand. Once a template is selected, hoteliers can customize the template as much or as little as they like by uploading their own photos, videos, and logo–and changing fonts, colors, or the background. It’s so easy that anyone on staff can create a custom graphic in minutes. 

·  Easily adjust a design to fit multiple formats with auto-resize. This feature enables hotel operators to copy the elements of a design into another format and resolution. Once that is complete, the elements can easily be adjusted to fit the new format. For instance, the design for a printed promotional poster can be resized for digital signage and/or social media in minutes.

·  PosterMyWall puts a full-library of graphic elements at hotel operators’ fingertips. The platform provides access to thousands of royalty-free stock photos, videos, and clipart. There is also a one-click background remover.

·  Royalty-free video within the platform makes it simple to create messaging for digital signage. That’s why top digital signage platforms including Display5, Raydiant, ScreenCloud, and Signagelive partner with PosterMyWall for their clients’ content creation.

·  Animation features ensure that messaging stands out online. Options include intro animation, animated text, video, and the ability to add gifs.

·  Downloads are available in a variety of formats and resolutions so hotel operators can create whatever they need, from a low-res file for a social media post to a high-resolution file for printing a large banner. Output formats include jpg, pdf, gif, and mp4.

·  The built-in menu-builder too facilitates fast updates of menus, schedules, and lists of services.

·  File storage and sharing within the platform means team members can collaborate on designs, update existing designs, or create and share their own templates.

·  Affordable monthly subscription plans include either unlimited high-resolution downloads of graphics or unlimited downloads of both graphics and video.

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