“Man allegedly stabs, kills and eats body parts of his ex-girlfriend: a house filled with blood stains”

Six current and former Jeffersonville police officers gave evidence on Monday in the homicide case of Joseph Oberhansley. Oberhansley, 29, is charged with killing and pulling apart his girlfriend, Tammy Jo Blanton back in 2014.

Many officers told a jury they were called up to Blanton’s home on Locus Street on Sept. 11, 2014, to do a welfare inspection after Blanton didn’t show up for duty the same day. Oberhansley attended the front door, and the officers said they had seen blood on his right hand.

A retired officer testified, Oberhansley seemed “anxious” and was walking on the front vestibule as officers asked if they would search him. Other officers said Oberhansley declined to obey and had to be restrained.

Several officers have stated that Blanton’s back door looked as if it was forced open. One officer went inside the house and reported seeing blood on light switches, on the floor, and on multiple exteriors in the bathroom. Other officers found blood in her kitchen, on her walls, and on her shower curtain and eventually found Blanton’s corpse in the bathtub

Since he was put behind bars, Oberhansley has maintained his guiltiness. 

The barrister presented several bits of evidence recovered from Blanton’s home, including a butcher knife, steak knife, and frying pan — all of them had blood on the surface. 

One of Blanton’s friends and coworkers proclaimed that Oberhansley sexually assaulted her the previous weekend after a company outing, but that Blanton “went along with it to keep her tranquility.”

“She was struggling to move away from Joseph but did not want to warn him that she was leaving,” the friend said.

Authorities say Oberhansley barged into the Jeffersonville house of his ex-girlfriend, 46-year-old Tammy Jo Blanton, in September 2014 and then raped her, stabbed, lunged, and ate her body parts. He was found proficient to appear before the court for murder charges in August.