Man sentenced for 7 years for selling Heroine

A Sullivan man admitted to selling heroin was sentenced to prison, after the heroin caused overdose and eventually the death of another person. Cody.J.Parsons was pleaded guilty to a drug-induced homicide in connection to the death of Shane Sims at a Mattoon apartment back on May 28. He was convicted and is sentenced to serve a seven-year prison term.

Parsons,30, confessed to the police that he sold heroin to Sims. Jada B.J.Hart another suspect arranged the sale between Parsons and Sims.  The latter died at Hart’s residence in the Sunrise Apartments at 1817 S.Ninth St. in Matton.

Hart,25, was also arrested and was charged in connection to Sim’s death and is pending trial. As per the case records Mattoon police responded to a report of an unresponsive man at the apartment and officers found Sims dead when they arrived. The charge against the delivery of controlled substances against parsons was dismissed, which limited the prison time to 7 years.

While interviewing Hart admitted that she arranged Parsons for the heroin and they both used them later. According to her, Sims passed out after he used the drugs. When Parsons was questioned he admitted to selling heroin to Hart the evening before Sims was found dead. Parsons described a man who was with Hart at the time of sale, although Parsons didn’t know that man, Sims fits his description. Records suggest that Parsons was on parole at the time from a prison sentence he served for the possession of a weapon by a felon at Coles County.