Manhattan Buildings for the Ultra Rich Hire Armed Guards

The families staying at the luxurious buildings of Manhattan are preparing themselves for the civil unrest about to take place during the upcoming Presidential Elections 2020, by hiring armed guards. Trade centers are getting manned up with guards carrying “submachine guns”. A source further confirmed, “Everybody is worried about security. Every top building is adding security.

It’s out of control. We hope it won’t be needed, but we will be ready. Most of them are working with NYPD and Homeland Security. There will be officers with submachine guns. We’ve always had immense security, but there will be more. We’ll have extra patrols. The entire building can be shut down with one button. Everybody is doing it, adding elevated security to make sure that buildings are safe”.

The NYPD is itself warning the people and advising them to hire armed guards, something that they have never done before, during any of the former elections held in the country. Every building in Manhattan received a written application which advised every resident to take extra precautions and “to anticipate and mitigate the possibility of civil unrest and violence following the upcoming presidential election”.

Various residents have expressed their fears regarding the election days and the several warnings issued by police departments and security agencies. Some of the buildings even hired former “snipers” to guard the same. As a resident put it aptly, “It’s a really sad state of affairs”. 

Anushna Das
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