Margaret Qualley Is In A Relationship With “Maid” Actress Rylea Nevaeh

Margaret Qualley goal on the set of the Netflix series, which tackles domestic abuse and coping with pain as a mother, was to create a bond with child actor Rylea Nevaeh Whittet and comfort her.

Words From The Actress

“What attracted to me the most about both the screenplay and Stephanie Land’s memoir – which, of course, sparked the show – was how much she adored her daughter and how essential this bond was to her,” said Qualley, 27 THR. 

“Your daughter was her everything. Given that I am not a mother, it seemed the most difficult obstacle to portray myself as the mother of a 4-year-old stranger properly. 

So that was my beginning point: to become as close to Rylea as necessary, so she feels as secure and as if she is not a job, and they can have a nice fourth year of their life. And then I was driving.”

The Child Actor

Margaret Qualley stars as Alex in the critically praised Molly Smith Metzler limited series as a mother who resolves to flee her violent relationship with her children in tow. 

To make ends meet, she begins cleaning apartments while also attempting to be the best mother she can be for Maddy. Qualley and Whittet spent the day on set alongside, having a meal and sleeping around each other to rehearse for the part. 

In addition, Whittet’s parents would leave her off every Sunday so Qualley could do her chores with Whittet to build up that sense of familiarity.

More From The Margaret Qualley

“We were linked together,” Qualley adds. “I adore her, and it was an honour to collaborate with her.” When you play with someone, you both believe you have a four-year-old resting in your arms – she is just asleep – and you both have a heartbeat against your heart. And it just makes you feel weird. “

In reality, Andie MacDowell, who also plays Alex’s mother Paula on the programme but is also Qualley’s mom, saw Qualley’s commitment to developing a solid connection with Whittet.

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