Margot Robbie To Star In Pirates Of The Caribbean

It looks like Harley Quinn will be wearing a patch and hat to kick off a brand new ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise.

Craig Mazin ( ‘Chernobyl’ ) and Ted Elliot are developing a new movie of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ within the main plot, that is, one that would follow ‘Vengeance of Salazar’. However, Johnny Depp’s presence in her has not even been confirmed yet. This is what Collider Jerry Bruckheimer commented, which, it resembles, he would repeat as a director:

We are working on the draft right now and hopefully, we will give it to Disney very soon and hopefully they like it. We’ve been working on it for a while, we’re developing it right now, and we’re not sure what role Johnny is going to play. We will have to tend to see it.

Margot Robbie To Star In Pirates Of The Caribbean
Margot Robbie To Star In Pirates Of The Caribbean

Though, it seems evident that the decline in interest, quality, and box office of the saga is hardly traceable. Even more so when most of its main characters have already said goodbye and closed their plots.

However, Disney is not exactly characterized by letting the goose escape the golden eggs. So we are not surprised by today’s Hollywood Reporter news that the company is planning a new movie within the same universe, but with totally new characters and plots.

The same media points out that Margot Robbie would be in charge of starring in the main role of the film and that behind the script would be Christina Hodson, the signer of ‘Birds of Prey’.

Of course, if Disney is looking for a pirate with the charisma and humor capable of creating a new franchise around them as Johnny Depp did with Jack Sparrow, Margot ‘Harley Quinn’ Robbie seems like the best option. We will have to wait longer to know the final confirmation and begin to know more details of this striking project.