Marvel characters that Timothee Chalamet would be perfect for


Timothee Chalamet is one of the young actors who is at the top of his game right now. With an Oscar nomination for Call Me By Your Name already achieved, he has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and has a huge range of options open to him as far as film roles are concerned. And he’s just 24! Marvel might be in the not-too-distant future.

Artie Maddicks

The little boy from X2: X-Men United who stuck out his blue forked tongue at a girl, Artie is a mutant with telepathic abilities that have left him mute and with a rather more inhuman appearance than shown in the film. Chalamet, having acted in Dune, might be a great choice for an older version of the character.


Wanda Maximoff’s son with Vision, Wiccan, who was created by using her reality-altering powers and with rather similar powers to his mother would be an interesting role to see the actor in. With a rather complicated origin story, Wiccan is part of the Young Avengers and is married to his teammate Hulkling. 

Marvel characters that Timothee Chalamet would be perfect for

Cullen Bloodstone

He is the youngest member of a family that hunts monsters and struggles with some demons of his own as well. He carries within him a terrible parasite which he hides with a magical ring and also struggles with internalized homophobia and his crush on his friend Aiden.

Human Torch

Johnny Storm from the Fantastic Four, the fiery and rebellious young crimefighter from Marvel’s first family would be a wonderful role to see Chalamet in. It would be rather different from anything the actor has done already but he certainly has the charm to carry it off.

Franklin Richards

The son of Reed and Susan Richards, the young Franklin is one of the most powerful beings in the entire Marvel universe. He is an omega-level mutant, has some unparalleled reality-altering abilities and is capable, due to his parents, of invisibility, super-elasticity and force-field projection. It would be incredible to see Chalamet in this role.

The Beyonder

A villainous role would be interesting to see Chalamet in. The Beyonder is complex, omnipotent, mischievous and loves watching human beings fight to the death. He even looks quite a bit like the actor. It would be a challenge Chalamet should not turn down.


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