Meghan Markle Fights For Anonymity Of Friends In Newspaper Lawsuit

The Duchess of Sussex’s lawyers yesterday asked a judge in London to keep the names of five friends of Meghan Markle, who is battling two British media outlets, for privacy breach.

A lawyer for Meghan (38) said the friends, who defended her in anonymous interviews with a magazine last year, are innocent people who fear being harassed if their names are published. The target of her lawsuit, Associated Newspapers Ltd., says that the principle of open justice – the public’s right to know – implies that friends must be identified.

Meghan sued the editor of the Mail on Sunday newspaper and the MailOnline website at the Supreme Court for five articles in which parts of a letter she wrote to her father, Thomas Markle, from whom she is estranged, were published after marrying the prince. Harry in 2018.

Meghan had asked for compensation for damages from the publisher. Meghan’s attorney Justin Rushbrooke argued that the court had a duty to “protect the identity of confidential news sources.” He said that before the prominent trial, the court must protect “innocent parties who fear intrusion.”

Meghan Markle Fights For Anonymity Of Friends In Newspaper Lawsuit
Meghan Markle Fights For Anonymity Of Friends In Newspaper Lawsuit

But Mail’s attorney, Antony White, noted that granting anonymity would undermine the “vital principle of open justice,” and that withdrawing their names “would be a restriction on the right to inform and the public to know.”

Associated Newspapers contends that Meghan’s friends were the ones who brought Thomas’s letter into the public domain by describing it in the People article and that the details of the letter in that article must have come “directly or indirectly” from the Duchess.

However, according to Rushbrooke, Meghan didn’t know that her friends were talking to the magazine at that time.

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