Minneapolis man who assaults officer with metal garbage, steals department Store, charged for the same.

A strange incident has been reported from Minneapolis. In recent times, the struggle between police and civilians is at its max. The reason can be attributed to George Floyd protests, and even recent Jacob Blake shooting. And this struggle continues.

A man along with his squad was standing. When he was getting into his car, he saw a police officer approaching him. He threw a metal garbage of at least 15 pounds towards him. It hit the officer on head and he became unconscious. The squad left the place.

The police officer was taken to hospital where he was treated for possible spinal injury. Even though he is released now, he continues to receive therapies for his injury. The accused is 28 year old Gibson. He has been charged with multiple cases and includes assault and robbery.

When his car was tracked down with the help of Surveillance, it was revealed that his gang was involved in robbery as well. Gibson is still in police custody. For more such latest news stay tuned with us.

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