Mississippi Calls for “Succeed” From Union Over Election Results

Mississippi Calls for

A lawmaker residing in Mississippi recently called for the state to “succeed from union” over the recent election results which revealed Biden’s victory over Trump. Rep. Price Wallace who is a representative of the Republican party, claimed on a tweet that instead of choosing to submit to the governance of Joe Biden, Mississippi should leave the States, and form its own country.

An official source further confirmed, “despite the misspelling, his since-deleted tweet on Saturday afternoon, posted hours after the election was called for Biden, appeared to be an overt throwback to the Confederacy — in a part of the Deep South that only voted to remove the Confederate battle flag symbol from its own state flag earlier this year”.

Mississippi Calls for

Wallace also claimed in a recent interview that, it was an inappropriate move on his behalf and that it does not represent his wishes for his constituents. Wallace asserted, “First of all I truly love the USA and the State of Mississippi and would never support any idea of seceding from the union.

I humbly ask for forgiveness for my poor lack of judgment”. Wallace had allegedly tweeted the now-deleted post, in reply to another tweet from a failed Mississippi gubernational candidate, Robert Foster, who had expressed his grave skepticism regarding the election process. 


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