Money Heist: 5 things we need to know from Season 5

After following the gang of the professor through all the dangerous heists for the past four seasons we have reached to the end. As we all know that season 5 of the Money Heist would be the last one, we need to bid a goodbye to all of them.

We are here with 5 interesting things you need to know about the last season of this popular series. As it is going to be the last one we need to know everything. 

  • Everyone to get out alive:

Well, in the last season the gang of the professor suffered a major loss with Nairobi’s death. But, as it is the final season we really hope to see everyone alive once again. But, as we know that the show has become an expert in killing our favorite characters, one doesn’t know what would happen next. Being hopeful is the only way.

  • A happy reunion for the couples:

For now, we know that Sergio and Raquel are physically separated from each other, and on the other side, Rio and Tokyo have broken up and are emotionally scarred. Plus, Denver and Monica have hit a rough patch now that Monica is viewing Denver’s violent side in a different light. 

As it is the last season we may get to see a bit of happiness in their lives, maybe, a happy reunion. 

  • Alicia Sierra to join the team:

Money Heist: 5 things we need to know from Season 5
Money Heist: 5 things we need to know from Season 5

In the last season, we witnessed Alicia Sierra the inspector figuring out the true identity of the professor and sneaking upon him. That obviously puts the professor in a very bad situation and the only way to get out of it is through by making her join the team. 

  • A send-off for the departed characters:

Including Nairobi, Berlin, and Moscow we have lost many characters in the last few seasons. It would be really nice if we get to view a flashback of them so we can see them for one final time and give them a better goodbye this time.

  • The deaths of Arturo Roman, Palermo, and Gandia:

Throughout the show, no characters have caused as much damage as Arturo Roman, Palermo, and Gandia has. We saw Arturo constantly been a thorn in the side of the gang and now has seemingly assaulted another hostage. 

Palermo betrayed the gang and Gandia was able to escape and torture Tokyo and eventually execute Nairobi. 

After doing these things if they are dead in the final season audience would be really happy.

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