Expected Release Date Of Monster Musume Season 2

Monster Musume is a famous Japanese Manga series that is a graphic or comic novel and belongs to Japan. The term Manga refers to both the concepts of cartooning and comics. Okayado written and illustrated the series named “Monster Musume Season 2 Released date”.

Tokuma Shorten, a Japanese publisher published the series in Japan in the monthly, comic magazine known as Ryu. Seven Seas Entertainment published the series of Monster Musume in the United States collecting and reprinting the chapters into seventeen volumes.

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Is There Any Chance Of Monster Musume To Return?

In the modern days, animation series is attracting a large number of viewers due to its strong plot and making of the series. The first season of Monster Musume made its appearance from 7th July 2015 to 22nd September 2015 and it gained a huge success.

Monster Musume Season 2 Released date
Monster Musume Season 2 Released date

The entire season premiered on several arenas like AT-X, Sun TV, Tokyo MX, KBS, and BS11.

Previously the series creators were not sure and verified about making of the second season of the series. But there is news about the release of the second season of the series Monster Musume that might hit the screen in September 2021.

But due to some uncertainty, it could not release in 2021 but it may turn up in the year 2022, keeping in mind the demand of the viewers.

Number Of Episodes Of Monster Musume & Release Date

Monster Musume belongs to the genre of Romantic Comedy, comedy fantasy. There are 12 episodes of Monster Musume.

Here is the list of the 12 episodes along with their release date-

Episode 1“Everyday Life with a Lamia”7th July 2015
Episode 2“Everyday Life with a Harpy and Centaur”14th July 2015
Episode 3“Everyday Life under dangerous circumstances”21st July 2015
Episode 4“Everyday Life with a smile”28th July 2015
Episode 5“Everyday Life with a Mermaid”4th August 2015
Episode 6“Everyday Life with Shedding and Egg Laying”11th August 2015
Episode 7“Everyday Life with MON and an Arachne”18th August 2015
Episode 8“Everyday Life in Poor Health”25th August 2015
Episode 9“Everyday Life with Threatening letters”1st September 2015
Episode 10“Everyday Life with D”8th September 2015
Episode 11“Everyday life with Dullahan”15th September 2015
Episode 12“Everyday life with Monster Girls”22nd September 2015

The Plot Of Monster Musume Series

The story of the series Monster Musume is based on a Japanese student named Kimihito Kurusu whose life was surrounded by several turmoils after suddenly getting involved with the Interspecies Cultural Exchange program.

The creatures who were introduced are known as liminal and they became a part of human society.

The Plot Of Monster Musume Series
Monster Musume Season 2 Released date

Kimihito met and also provided shelter to the female criminals of various species. The liminal girls are attracted towards Kimihito, they tried several ways to get attached to him, and therefore his life was full of difficulties.

He faced a lot of annoyance and turbulence in different spheres of life. The problem arose due to human-liminal relationships.

Monster Musume: Japanese Animation Fictional Series

Monster Musume is one of the most famous Japanese fictional drama shows. Tatsuya Yoshihara directed the Monster Musume anime, telecasted from July to September under the name- Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls.

The anime focuses on the peaceful co-existence of the liminal with humans.

The anime followers highly appreciated the series. The series got a rating of 6.7 out of 10 on IMDb. Monster Musume anime is full of thrill, sparkling stuff, and fulfilled the requirements and desires of the viewers.

Monster Musume Series: Age Rating

Monster Musume received a rating of 18 for all the 12 episodes without any censorship or cuts as per the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification). It permits the viewers to watch the series without any sort of restrictions.

MVM Entertainment proposed to release the series in a special edition containing on-disk content along with the original soundtrack, art cards, and booklet. The booklets contain the encyclopedic information for each monster girl in the series.

Monster Musume Series Age Rating
Monster Musume Series Age Rating

Monster Musume Series: Cast

The series achieved great success not only due to its plot but also due to its strong cast.

Here is the list showing the cast of the Monster Musume series with their real names who worked very hard to make the series a successful one-

Jinji MajimaKimihito Kurusu (young)
Sora AmamiyaMiia
Ari OzawaPapi
Bryson BaugusKimihito Kurusu (adult)
Haruka YamazakiMero
Mayuka NomuraSuu
Rei MochizukiZombina
Momo AsakuraManako
Ai KakumaLala

Although there is no official trailer for the Monster Musume season 2, there is enough scope for the marvelous anime to be streamed on various platforms like Amazon Prime, HiDive, and Crunchyroll.

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