Most Famous Football Crimes in History

    ADN-Pätzold / 14.4.90 / Schwerin: Leipziger Fans machten sich vor der FDGB-Pokal-Begegnung zwischen dem 1. FC Lok Leipzig und Dynamo Schwerin auf ihre Weise "warm". Die Welle der Gewalt auf den Fußballplätze und nach den Spielen ufert offenbar weiter aus.

    Technological advancements in the media sector have given rise to a new wave of bloggers and paparazzi whose main work is to scrutinize people’s lives. Footballers have become more famous than other celebrities, seeing that every microscopic detail of their existence on and off the pitch is under the radar of many people. Outside football, the footballers are normal people with the same challenges that we face.

    Some footballers have taken advantage of their celebrity status in and out of the field to give back to the community by setting up charities to help the needy. A good example is the legendary player Marcus Rashford who is a leader in charity work and has been involved in numerous humanitarian campaigns. 

    On the other hand, others have chosen the wrong path and have decided to live against the law. Here are some of the most famous football crimes in history.

    Bruno Fernandes

    The first thought that will come to you is the celebrity Manchester United midfielder. However, we are talking about Bruno Fernandes de Souza, who was a Brazilian goalkeeper. He undoubtedly committed the most heinous crime in football history.

    The Brazilian goalkeeper had a child with a mistress who denied that the child was his after confronting him. The mistress eventually took full custody of the child. After a while, though, the mother to Bruno’s child went missing, which prompted an investigation. After trying to find her after a long time, the police discovered that Bruno Fernandes de Souza had allegedly killed her mistress and dumped the body in mysterious ways. His cousin made an accusation stating that Fernandes fed her body to the dogs. Other witnesses had different versions, with the majority claiming that he buried the body in his field. The body, however, was never retrieved.

    Fernandes received a 22-year jail term for his heinous crimes on different charges, including forming a criminal gang, kidnapping, murder, hiding a body, and corrupting a minor. Please note that Bruno was in talks with AC Millan management at the time of his arrest, but all that went to the drain.

    Italian football match fixing 

    Football, being a billion-dollar industry, attracts lots of controversies. gamblers and fans alike thus need assurance that the matches are fair before they engage in football betting online. However, Italy has been a center for match fixing. Juventus was involved in such an incident which saw it demoted to Serie B in 2006. The team was also stripped of its Serie titles for 2005 and 2006. 

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    Robinho is undoubtedly a legendary Brazilian winger who helped the team fly the country’s flag so high back in the day. It is alleged that Robinho, in the company of another five men, assaulted and gang-raped a 22-year-old lady from Albania in January 2013 in a Milan nightclub. Along with his five-person crew, Robinho was charged and sentenced to a nine-year jail term by an Italian court.

    Since the sentencing, Robinho has not left Brazil. Due to the extradition law in the country, He cannot be imprisoned in Italy to serve a sentence. Justice has not been served for the young Albanian woman as Robinho has never gone to jail. The truth is this is the highest level of crime coming from a celebrated football legend like Robinho.

    Joey Barton

    Joey Barton is a celebrated midfielder who has played for many teams in the English Football Leagues, including Manchester City and New Castle. Joey is hot-tempered and has had several confrontations on the pitch. Besides this, the Frenchman is also a seasonal criminal.

    His first documented criminal act was back in 2008 where he assaulted someone in the Liverpool City Center. This earned him a 74-day jail term for affray and assault. Later on, in the same year, Barton was suspended for four months for causing bodily harm and assaulting a fellow teammate. 

    Fast forward to 2019, when Barton was the manager for Fleetwood Town; he assaulted Daniel Stendel, who was the then boss for Barnsley. He was then charged with assault and causing bodily harm, making him a seasonal criminal who could not control his temper.

    Adam Johnson

    Adam Johnson is a legendary winger who has played for many teams, including Sunderland, Manchester City, and Middlesbrough. Johnson is alleged to be in a relationship with a minor. He allegedly sent gifts to the young girl, including signed t-shirts. During his hearing, text messages and pictures taken from Adam’s phone were recovered, improving the prosecution’s case against him. Come 2016, Adam was convicted to a 6-year jail term for having a relationship with a minor though he remained adamant that he was innocent. Though he was released in 2019, he has not got any signing from any club.

    These are among the most famous football crimes in history.


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