Motorola just launched a 5G version of its foldable Motorola Razr, much like Samsung and the Galaxy Z flip 5G. Although Samsung made minor internal improvements to the original Galaxy Z Flip to make it compliant with 5G, Motorola’s new Razr is a clear next move in the evolution of the series. There have been major improvements inside and out, making the 2020 Razr, phone ready to carve its course in the world of smartphones.

Motorola has always been apparent that the Razr is a “design-first” unit, and it has gone to nice lengths to recreate the noticeable feel with which its simple flip phones run for its first foldable. Although Motorola needed to make some changes to fit some much-needed extras into this new mannequin. The brand new Razr is a little chubbier, and one has a “chin,” which is a little less distinct than that of the original. That’s where the brand’s latest Razr comes in. 

The 2020 Razr has softer curves and rounded edges compared to the 2019 edition, which along with the latest color finishes take its elegance to next level. The Razr’s trademark chin has lost some weight and is now sloping down, making the phone more lightweight and easier to slip in and out of tight packs. The fingerprint sensor is also gone from the top, enabling a cleaner look. 

Only the main camera is the feature that looks better on the older Razr. The design on the Razr 5G looks a little more simplistic than the one the previous Razr had, but it’s smaller overall. Instead, Motorola did a big redesign of the Razr’s internals, upgrading it in nearly every direction. The Snapdragon 765 G offers not only more horsepower and 5G connectivity, but also much greater power efficiency thanks to the 7 nm process on which it is based. The updated Razr should have considerably improved battery life, in combination with the larger battery.

The new Motorola Razr 5G represents a big move towards making foldable phones a consumer option that is equivalent or even favored. Issues and disadvantages are eliminated, with this new generation bringing even more benefits. The new one is looking to win over the people.

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