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Mr Majnu is a 2019 Telugu romantic comedy film directed by Venky Atluri and produced by B. V. S. N. Prasad under Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra. Akhil Akkineni and Nidhhi Agerwal play the lead roles in the film. 

The film received mixed reviews upon its initial release, with praise for Akhil Akkineni’s performance and the soundtrack, but criticism for the film’s predictable screenplay and Nidhhi Agerwal’s performance. The film bombed at the box office, making it Akhil Akkineni’s third consecutive flop.


When a charming playboy who has never been in a serious relationship meets the right lady, he finds himself in a pickle. Is it possible that they’ll end up together? Or would his aversion to commitment affect their relationship?

Mr. Majnu Full Hindi Dubbed Movie Download Via PagalMovies
Source: YouTube


Vicky (Akhil Akkineni), a charming young man who has never been in a serious relationship, flirts with anyone. Nikki (Nidhhi Agerwal) is a young woman who aspires to have a husband like Lord Shri Rama, who loves her and looks after her. 

On her way to work one day, she sees a group of women striking, demanding that Vicky, who was caught by the principal romancing her daughter, not be suspended. 

Vicky’s behavior irritates Nikki, but she is unaware that he is kind to others. Since Nikki’s brother is marrying Vicky’s younger sister, Nikki is instructed to shop with Vicky for the wedding.

Vicky agrees to be in a relationship with her after she falls in love with his goodness. Vicky is unhappy in the relationship and tells Nikki about it. 

Vicky realizes he loves Nikki after she leaves for London and travels to London to prove it. The plot then revolves around Vicky’s attempts to reclaim Nikki’s affection.

With élan, Akhil bears the Akkineni’s’majnu’ legacy

Venky Atluri has teamed up with Akkineni scion Akhil for his second film, Mr. Majnu, following the success of his debut directorial film Tholi Prema. Nidhhi Agerwal, who recently made her Tollywood debut with Savyasachi, will star alongside Akhil. 

The teaser and trailers have shown us Akhil as a casanova living in a foreign land, with a plethora of romantic encounters. 

The title “Majnu” appears to be a lucky mascot for the Akkineni family, with blockbusters such as ANR’s Laila Majnu and Nag’s Majnu. S.S. Thaman composed the music for this third-generation Majnu, and George C. Williams handled the cinematography. 

Will Mr. Majnu, who is backed by B.V.S. N. Prasad, hit the goal for Akhil? Let’s take a look.

What Is Mr.Majnu About

When it comes to marriage proposals, Nikki (Nidhhi Agerwal) is a tough nut to crack. She turns down any proposal she receives and has high hopes for the man she will marry. Vicky (Akhil Akkineni) is a big-time flirt and casanova who doesn’t listen to anyone. 

Both characters are NRIs living in the United Kingdom who meet on their way to their cousin’s wedding in India. 

Vicky’s true self is revealed to Nikki, and she falls in love with him. Vicky, on the other hand, refuses her proposal because he is unsuitable for her. 

Vicky discovers that he, too, is in love with Nikki when she returns to the UK. He travels to the United Kingdom to win her heart. Will he be good this time?

Mr. Majnu Full Hindi Dubbed Movie Download Via PagalMovies
Source: YouTube

What Works: 

With his incredible energy levels, Akhil has lit the screen on fire. He has performed with ease, whether it’s his chiseled eight-pack abs, trendy dance steps, or electrifying stunts, and his looks and charm improve with each film. 

In this love story full of mixed emotions, Nidhhi Agerwal hits the right notes. Among the rest of the cast, Priyadarsi and Hyper Adhi stand out.

After Tholi Prema, Venky Atluri has nurtured yet another unforgettable love story with Mr. Majnu, proving that he has his finger on the pulse of the youth. Being an Akkineni fan himself, there is no doubt that he is the best person to present the best of Akhil to the audience. 

The final frame, which reads “ANR Lives On,” is well-crafted and impressive. Mr. Majnu’s assets include gleaming graphics and a fantastic background score.

What Could Have Been Better 

Some of the film’s sentimental scenes seem forced, and a few lengthy dialogues could have been cut. Mr. Majnu is a well-made emotional love tale, and even the predictable second half does not detract from that reality. 

Why You Should Watch

Mr. Majnu is a simple and straightforward love story with a lot of heart, particularly in the first half. For Akkineni fans, this is a must-see!

Mr. Majnu Full Hindi Dubbed Movie Download Via PagalMovies

Mr. Majnu Full Hindi Dubbed Movie Download Via PagalMovies
Source: YouTube

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