Nancy Grace along with her family had tested positive for coronavirus.

Famous TV personality Nancy Grace along with her family have tested positive for the coronavirus. On Friday, according to the reports, she said that she had done everything right to stay safe from COVID.

Nancy Grace, 61 is the host of the TV show “Injustice With Nancy Grace”, however her twins and husband got infected with the virus just like her 81-years-old mother who is admitted to the hospital according to the Daily Mail.

Grace told the news outlet, “COVID is no joke — we thought we had done everything right.” She further added, “Please keep wearing masks, social distancing and stay safe – no family should go through this.”

On Wednesday, Grace tested positive for Covid, after having flu-like symptoms and cough. Her husband David Linch was suffering with the headache while her 13-years-old twins had sore throats.

Nancy Grace

Grace’s mother Elizabeth had loss of appetite, cough and after she was suffering lethargia she was rushed to the hospital.

Her mother is now recovering in the hospital while her family is quarantined.

Grace said, “David, the twins and I will continue to isolate at home while we recover, and we look forward to Mom coming home as soon as we are all better.” She continued, “We’re praying for my mom, that she returns home as soon as she can.”

She further added, “We’d like to thank the tremendous doctors and nurses who are taking such wonderful care of her.”

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