Nancy Pelosi wore the same dress for both impeachments

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has an impeachment dress. 

At the point when administrators accumulated to reprimand President Trump briefly Wednesday, the House Speaker wore a similar dark dress she wore the first occasion when it occurred. 

The smooth dark business dress, which some compared to burial service clothing, promptly got the attention of Twitter inhabitants who understood the look coordinated Pelosi’s Dec. 2019 arraignment outfit. 

“I KNOW this shouldn’t be the concentration yet Nancy Pelosi in the same dress for the two indictments is the specific sort of savaging our grandmas instructed us and the specific sort of business I am here for,” Jen Curran teased. 

“The way Nancy Pelosi wore the same dress to both of Trump’s prosecution hearings is so notorious,” Isabell Austin tweeted. 

Nancy Pelosi

Not exclusively did the dress match, Pelosi selected a similar gold neckband she combined the look within 2019. It’s not satisfactory if the shoes are likewise coordinated. 

“Pelosi, ever the ground-breaking wielder of the dress as an image, picks a memorial service, grave dark for her reprimand outfit, which is a striking, powerful decision,” @Potenspuella composed. 

Assistants later affirmed the dresses were the equivalent.


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