Netflix Confirms Return Of Squid Game For The 2nd Season

Netflix Confirms Return Of Squid Game For The 2nd Season

Netflix has confirmed the return of Squid Game for a second season, confirming what millions of fans have long assumed.

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the series’ writer-director, revealed the news in a letter to fans on Sunday, saying that the South Korean show’s global appeal opened the door for a second season.

The first season of Squid Game took twelve years to complete. “However, Squid Game only took 12 days to become the most popular Netflix show ever,” Hwang said, hinting at the next season: “Now, Gi-hun has returned.” The Front Man is back.

Season 2 is on the way. The gentleman in the suit and ddakji might appear again. You will also meet Young-boyfriend, who goes by the name Cheol-su.”

Squid Game Season 2 On Netflix

After becoming Netflix’s most-watched series worldwide, Ted Sarandos, the company’s chief content officer and co-CEO, announced that Squid Game would “definitely” return for Season 2. “The Squid Game universe is just getting started.”

In an interview, Hwang stated that he was “in discussions with Netflix about Seasons Two and Three,” which we’ll get to soon.” Despite this, a second season was not officially confirmed until Sunday’s announcement, with Hwang suggesting that the series may have ended with the final episode of the first season.

“It’s true that Season One ended on a cliffhanger,” Hwang told The Hollywood Reporter, “but I thought this could be a nice ending for the overall story as well.”

“As Season One concludes, Gi-hun turns around and refuses to board the plane to the United States. And it was my way of conveying the idea that you should not be swept along by society’s competitive current, but rather begin to analyze who built the entire system — and if there is any way you can turn around and face it.”

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