After The Triumphs Of ‘Squid Game,’ Netflix’s Next Korean-language Blockbuster Is ‘Hellbound.’

After the triumph of 'Squid Game,' Netflix's next Korean-language blockbuster is 'Hellbound.'
After the triumph of 'Squid Game,' Netflix's next Korean-language blockbuster is 'Hellbound.'

“Hellbound,” a new South Korean fiction series that premiered on Netflix on November 19, was one of the most-watched series last month. 

Based on Netflix’s weekly rankings of its top titles, Insider determined that it was the streamer’s No. 5 program of the month and was seen for at least 111 million hours internationally.

The drama follows the Korean serial “Squid Game,” Netflix’s most popular show of all time, which is still drawing watchers more than two months after its initial release. With 163 million hours seen, Netflix’s most popular show in November.

Yeon Sang-ho, the famous Korean zombie film “Train to Busan,” produced “Hellbound.”

“Hellbound” is described by Netflix as follows: “Unearthly entities administer brutal condemnations, condemning individuals to hell and given way to a religious sect predicated on the notion of divine retribution.”

"Hellbound," another Korean-language blockbuster on Netflix,
“Hellbound,” another Korean-language blockbuster on Netflix,

Netflix is significantly investing in Korean-language programming and has pledged to spend $500 million in South Korea this year.

According to Ampere Analysis, 63 percent of Netflix’s planned live-action, sci-fi, and fantasy slate is produced beyond the United States, with South Korea being the primary source.

According to experts, the spike in popularity of Korean entertainment did not occur suddenly. Instead, it’S been “30 years in the making,” according to Robert Ji-Song Ku, an associate professor at the State University of New York at Binghamton.

“The Korean wave started in the 1990s in areas like China and Japan,” he explained. “From 2000 until the present, there has been a steady but rising consumption of Korean pop culture, beginning in neighboring Asian nations and spreading beyond.”

He believes that the spike in Korean material will not decrease very soon. “The wave is continually evolving; this is only the start of a tsunami,” he explained.

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