New Jersey teen fatally stabbed neighbor for TikTok fame, lawyers say

During a scuffle in May, a New Jersey teen deliberately started a fight with his neighbor in order to gain TikTok fame and ended up stabbing his neighbor, according to the lawyers for the dead man’s family.

According to the prosecutors, the ongoing feud was followed by a death where Zachary Latham, 18, fatally stabbed William Durham Sr., 51. Moreover, reported on Sunday that Latham lured Durham’s family to his Vineland home after multiple confrontations that he had already shot for TikTok. This statement was supported by the lawyers for the Durham family as well.

According to reports, one of those confrontations that were filmed gained more than a whopping 3 million views. Earlier in April, Latham had filmed himself getting confronted by Durham’s wife. This was regarding his driving wherein he deliberately and repeatedly called her ‘Karen’ in the video.

New Jersey teen fatally stabbed neighbor for TikTok fame, lawyers say
New Jersey teen fatally stabbed neighbor for TikTok fame, lawyers say

There was another video associated with the Durham family wherein their 21-year-old son, William, was trying to open Latham’s car door as he drove past.

In the video, Latham was heard telling William that he got a knife and then later gave a sensational caption to the video stating that Karen’s son was trying to take him out of the car after finding out that the video went viral. This was all conveyed to the prosecutors by the family’s lawyers in a letter.

The lawyers then alleged that the family had asked for help earlier from the authorities. However, no further steps were taken as the courts were closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Latham didn’t stop at William. He also swerved towards Durham’s other son, 17, while he was riding his bike. When his mom confronted him over the incident, Latham hit her. According to the lawyers, the Durhams confronted Latham in his home.

Over the actual incident where Durham died after being tased and stabbed multiple times, Latham claimed that he acted in the way in self-defense, according to the reports.

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