New Record of Corona Virus Cases in Florida: 9,4000

The coronavirus cases are increasing day by day in Florida. The deadly coronavirus has taken its toll in the state and now everyone is contracting it.

A new record was set by the state, on Saturday the cases reached 4,000 and made the total number of cases in the state 94,000.

The overall number has put everyone in awe, and a situation of panic has started. 

It was the third day in a row that the state reported the new coronavirus cases in thousands. On Friday the number was 3,822 on Thursday the figure was around 3,207.

New Record of Corona Virus Cases in Florida: 9,4000
New Record of Corona Virus Cases in Florida: 9,4000

The deaths reported were also increasing day by day. On Friday, there were 40 deaths reported due to the virus making the total number of death 3,144 in the state, which is enough to tell us that the situations are going to turn worse in the coming days.

The recovery rate is not much higher to give us any hope. More than 1,533,800 people have been tested for the coronavirus, the testing is relatively higher and that’s why mostly the cases are coming out, which is a good sign and at the same time it has given birth to a situation of fear and panic in the state.

The present state percentage of positive cases is around 5.9%.

Among the overall cases, 12,700 hospitalizations have been done in Florida to date. In the Broward County the reported cases are 10,837 and in Miami-Dade’s total case have reached a figure of 25,080 whereas in Monroe County the cases are just 158 and in Palm Beach County the corona cases are 10,506.

Though Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced that the plans for re-openings won’t be canceled despite the rise in the cases, and he ensured that the safety measures at the businesses and public places would be strictly enforced. Gov.

Ron DeSantis said in a press conference on Friday that the increase in the number of daily infections are caused by the testing in young adults who claimed that they have fewer chances to become severely ill or die if they contract the virus.

He said, “It’s gonna continue to go down based on what we have seen.”

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