New york city to enter phase 3 of reopening starting the 6th of July. 

The success of New York City is known to all. Just a few weeks ago, there was a time when it was the hardest-hit city in the world by the coronavirus pandemic. The city reported far more deaths and cases than any other city in the world.

However, through persistent effort, the city was able to get past its dark stage and now the city is reporting very few deaths and daily new cases. Even the hospitalization rate is going down and more and more people are recovering. 

That was the reason that New York City lagged behind reopening than most other cities. But the discipline paid off. When some of the cities were in phase 3 of reopening, New York City was still in its phase 1 of reopening and that too with many restrictions.

New york city to enter phase 3 of reopening starting the 6th of July. 
New york city to enter phase 3 of reopening starting the 6th of July.

Just last Monday, the city had moved further into phase 2 of reopening. In this stage, many things were allowed which were previously restricted. This included barbershops and some other facilities. 

Now, there’s good news by Mayor DeBlasio for the New York City residents. As the cases are going down consistently, the city will move further into phase 3 of reopening starting July 6. In this stage, many more things will be allowed to reopen.

This includes dining in services, personal care centers such as nail salons, spa, massage parlor, etc. However, strict restrictions will be there and none of them will be able to operate at full capacity. 

Mayor got some good news for the water lovers as well. The beaches of the new york city will be allowed to reopen starting July 1 for swimming. New York is taking many steps to ensure that it doesn’t suffer from the second wave of the virus.

Just recently, new york mandated a quarantine for anyone coming from 8 States having the biggest outbreaks. It is also contact tracing everyone infected with the virus so that the virus can be eradicated as soon as possible. 

Mayor de Blasio said that “We worked very hard to get the viral transmission rate down. We don’t want to see it go up because a lot of people come into this region and they can literally bring the infection with them,”. For more such latest news, stay tuned with us. 

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