Nicole Kidman’s ‘The Others’ remake is on the way!

Nicole Kidman’s The Others opened to just $14.1 million when it released back in August 2001 and gained the fourth place, getting nowhere close to Rush Hour 2’s second weekend total, that was $33.1 million, and far behind the $45.1 million debut of American Pie 2. The film turned out to be a sleeper hit as people got seriously spooked seeing it. All of them were quite certain that the movie made $209.0 million globally on a mere budget of $17 million.

It was a great success story and Hollywood is all up to copy the same with its remake almost two decades later. According to reliable sources, Universal Pictures and Sentient Entertainment are working together on this development and the project is presently very much in the early days. 

It appears that the director is not involved yet but they have gone far to handling the script as executives have reportedly started meeting the writers concerning the script. Due to this, there’s no idea about the relationship the remake would have with the original one. 

The original The Others was set in 1945 and was based on Grace Stewart’s life (played by Nicole Kidman) who lived in a remote country house on one of the Channel Islands with her two photosensitive children. However, strange occurrences begin to happen at the house leading her to suspect that there are ‘others’ in the house. Everything leads to a perfect and fantastic ending and it had had a massive impact on the audience back them. It would be great to see whether the remake manages to make such an impact or not.

Aishwarya parab
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