Nile Rogers selling off guitars owned by B.B. King, Chuck Berry

Nile Rodgers is reportedly bidding adieu to some of his most prized possessions collected over the years, that includes guitars and even supercars.

The Chic legend commented, “ When I got sober, a little over 26 years ago, I quit the music business … I spiritually decided I wasn’t going to be in the business, but I wanted to be connected to the business, so I started collecting all this stuff”. But he was not collecting the guitars to play thrm rather than their association with B.B. King or Chuck Berry , who actually played it.

 Earlier this week, Rodgers parted ways with his one-of-a-kind 1997 yellow Range Rover, one of only 200 ever made. “That car has amazing memories, from [driving with] Diana Ross — playing final mixes,” he said.

Rodgers said that he had started to sort through his collectibles, and chalk out how to disperse them off, although he won’t be selling off everything. He wants them to adorn the shelves of museum, or wherever they would be valued and taken care of. He has plans to donate the proceedings to his We Are Family Foundation.

Vinayaka Dalmia
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