‘No Time to Die ‘ is now set to release by next year

The pandemic this year has slowed down everything, productions to even release of the big projects that fans are eagerly waiting for. No Time to Die, 007 Franchise’s biggest project is one of them. Fans are waiting to see what’s there for Daniel Craig’s final outcome as James Bond.

Joji Fukunaga spoke about how he felt when he was asked about the delay the project is facing. He said, “there were a couple of hours of “Fuck, it’s not happening”. And then pretty quickly, I mentally moved on… I was at peace with it, I think they made a very smart decision to be one of the first to say out loud, this is a big thing. We’re moving the film. Because a lot of people were in denial, some are still”.

No Time to Die is again delayed, the new time of it’s release is the coming year 2021 April. Joji Fukunaga said that he sees the situation very emotionally, as there are many other problems going on with this Covid. He said the film will come out when it will be a good time for everyone.

The cast and crew everyone is eager to show this project to the world, along with this we need to appreciate it as the whole team is concerned about the pandemic and taking the situation in a positive way.

No Time to Die is currently set to be in theaters on April 2, 2021.

Anjali Singh
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