North California: Mother Of Two Is Still Missing After 2 Weeks


Eastern North Carolina police are looking for the mother of two young girls having the age of 10 and 18 years. As per the reports, she is been missing since 16th June and has not been found until now.

The name of the missing lady is Elizabeth Andrea Spencer. she is 30 years old, having a height of about 5 feet and with a weight of 160 pounds. If we look at the additional details, she has golden hair with brown highlights and hazel eyes. Along with this on the left of her neck, she has a 3-star tattoo. As per the details, when she was seen the last time, she was wearing a white V-neck T-shirt with blue jeans.

According to the reports by the police, Elizabeth Spencer was driving a white, 2004 Chevrolet Suburban with a neck plate ZXZ 6715 when seen last time.

Her parents said that she moved back from Rhode Island to New Bern in February. Her stepmother Amy Spencer told the station that she and Elizabeth’s father Peter are not sleeping. “We are discussing that there should be no guardian,” she said.

“She now wakes up during the night, which is not normal behavior, crying inconsistently,” she said. “It also happens during the day. Weep inconsolably, and it breaks hearts because we can do nothing. ”

The police of North Carolina have started the investigations after her disappearance. also, the State Bureau of Investigation teams of North Carolina is helping in the search and is searching in all areas including the waterways.

Police have said that if anyone finds any information related to the Elizabeth Spencer can contact the New Bern Police Department at 252-633-2020, the Craven County Crime Stopper Line at 252-633-5141 or the TIPS line at 252-636-5034.

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