NYPD decides to offer reward for anyone having info on who sucker-punched legendary actor Rick Moranis

The terrible news has managed to astonish everyone that someone sucker-punched Rick Moranis in New York City, which made the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids actor visit the hospital for his head, back, and hip injuries. Now, it looks like the NYPD is on the hunt for this ‘someone’ and is willing to offer a reward for anyone having any information on who did it. 

The 67-year-old Rick Moranis was knocked down to the ground while walking near his apartment building at 7:30 a.m. when he received a punch in the head by someone. The assailant has not yet been arrested or even found. The NYPD is now offering $2,500 to anyone who is capable of giving any information in this matter that can ultimately lead to the assailant’s arrest, according to The New York Post.

Captain America star Chris Evans was unhappy about this whole unprovoked attack taking place on Rick Moranis and sounded off on social media. This news is sure to please him as he wanted action in this matter and it is likely as he has proven to be a bit of a hero himself on many other occasions.

The troubling news also agitated fellow Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, who was a part of bringing Rick Moranis back into the spotlight recently with a hilarious Mint Mobile ad. However, knowing that Moranis is doing fine, he has now expressed relief. 

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