One piece: Every member of Kaido’s Flying Six, ranked by strength


Kaido’s Flying Six consists of powerful users of Ancient Zoan Devil Fruits. Here are all of the members in order of power.

The Flying Six are some of the most powerful characters in Kaido’s crew in One Piece. Although they’re Headliners, they’re known to be the six strongest of the lot. Their strength is tremendous and some of them even consider themselves strong enough to take on the likes of the All-Stars in battle.

Page One is the youngest and also the weakest member of the Flying Six. He was the first member of the group to be introduced to the fans along with X Drake. Being a member of the Flying Six, he has an Ancient Zoan type of Devil Fruit, called the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Spinosaurus.

This Devil Fruit is quite useful and it allows him to transform himself into a Spinosaurus and access its hybrid form as well. Its powers were seen in the fight against Sanji and Page One did quite well to tank some of Sanji’s impressive attacks. He also fought against Usopp without any trouble whatsoever.


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