One Step Closer to Repealing Affirmative Action: California

“The notion that we believed 25 years ago that by denying our differences we would be elevating everybody has proven to be completely opposite” State Sen. Hannah Beth-Jackson said.

California is one step closer in bringing back its affirmative action ban from 1996. Though, this has led to the development of tensions between the minorities as they fear that the phase of their discrimination is going to start with this again, which can be true for many reasons. If California restores affirmative action then that would give freedom to all the government agencies and academic institutions to hire workers or take admissions of the students on the basis of their race, sex, or ethnicity.

We should not forget that if this somehow happens, then what a big havoc will surround the state. Whenever, a person is judged on the basis of his/her sex, race or anything else other than his/her talents or achievements then there always is destruction. Take a look at all the historical events in the past, and the results we all know. There is much worse in this than any good. The black clouds are waiting to cover up the clear sky.

One Step Closer to Repealing Affirmative Action: California
One Step Closer to Repealing Affirmative Action: California

 On Wednesday, the committee of senate labour, employment and retirement voted 4-1 and the bill was decided to be sent to the next committee. The ACA 5 the name of the measure, bringing the issue to the voters, whether the affirmative action should be brought back or not. Crytal Lu, president of the Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation said “The nation is in the midst of a pandemic and social upheaval. In the coming weeks, many mistakes will be made, mistakes that will be regretted further down the road, don’t let this be one of them. Keep discrimination illegal and vote no on ACA 5.” 

The bill is in the priority list of the legislative black caucus. As the national conversation on racial justice continues the support for the measure is growing. 

State Sen. Holly Mitchell said “This notion of a colour blind society I find offensive, because it denies who I am, my rich cultural heritage and background that I am quite proud of. It’s not about colour blind, it’s about respecting differences.”

The last decision will be taken on 25th June in the legislature. Though, we need to know the difference between showing our cultural heritage and judging on our cultural heritage.

Priti Mann
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