Oregon man’s search for his son goes in vain and ends in grief amid wildfires

The desperate search of an Oregon man amid a raging wildfire for his 13-year-old son and ailing mother-in-law ends in grief, turning into a tale of unimaginable heartbreak and horror. The Statesman Journal reported that Chris Tofte had gone off last week in order to borrow a trailer from a friend so that he and his family could evacuate their home as the Beachie Creek Fire bore down, just east of Lyon.

However, the inferno had already descended on the area around the family’s house by the time Tofte had started heading back home in the wee hours on Tuesday. The dad raced toward the center of the blaze, frantic, blowing past a roadblock and soon he came upon a lump of signed flesh in the middle of the road. He noticed that it was a badly burned woman.

While helping her into his car, he explained that he had to hurry to find and save his spouse and son. The woman whispered that she was his wife which sent chills to Tofte as he had not been able to recognize her. Angela Mosso, Tofte’s wife is in critical condition and is now been hospitalized with severe burns on her back, arms, and feet.

Mosso, being heavily sedated, urged Tofte to search for their son, Wyatt, before he left her at the hospital on Tuesday. She uttered that he shouldn’t come back until he finds Wyatt. As the flames neared the house, Mosso had instructed Wyatt to make a run with the family dog, Duke, who was a 200-pound bull mastiff mix. 

And Mosso herself had stayed back to help her 71-year-old mother, Peggy, who had recently broken her leg. Tofte learned on Wednesday that both his mother-in-law and son were dead in the wildfires raging across the state, from local sheriff’s deputies. They were among those 10 people who had died so far in the wildfires.

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