Outdoor Activities to Do in Charlotte, NC


    If you’re looking to get more exercise and fresh air, the season for it is finally here. The weather is warm, the sun is shining, and there are so many incredible outdoor places waiting to be explored. If you’re visiting or living in the Charlotte area, now’s the time to get outside for some fun and entertaining activities. Your mind and body will thank you later.


    No matter what your level of athleticism, there’s a hiking trail waiting for you in Charlotte. Charlotte has an abundance of beautiful natural landscapes and lush greenery to enjoy during the warmer months, but it’s honestly a gorgeous place to hike all year long if you’re well-equipped with a warm winter coat.

    If you’re new to hiking and want a less strenuous adventure, try the Evergreen Nature Preserve Loop at the Evergreen Nature Preserve. This short hike will take you less than an hour to traverse 1.8 miles, perfect for those who are more interested in enjoying the scenery than breaking a sweat. For more advanced hikers, the popular Sherman Branch Mountain Biking Park has a moderately difficult loop that takes about three hours to complete. This is also the perfect place for mountain biking (as the name suggests), bird watching, or just enjoying an afternoon picnic.

    Whitewater Center

    If you’re a thrillseeker living near the Charlotte area, or willing to make the journey, you absolutely need to check out the Whitewater Center. The center touts itself as the world’s premier outdoor activity center and features activities both on-site at their 1,300 acre facility or in one of their other two locations nearby.

    Whatever outdoor activity you can come up with in your head is possible at the Whitewater Center. Whitewater rafting (of course), kayaking, ziplining, rock climbing, yoga, ice skating—you name it, they have it here. You can even take a leap of faith  off a platform 100 ft. in the air, thanks to their advanced belay system that simulates a free-fall experience, with all of the safety measures in place of course.

    Charlotte Motor Speedway

    Less than 20 minutes outside of Charlotte, you’ll find the Charlotte Motor Speedway. This motorsports complex hosts some of the best NASCAR racing events each year, such as the Memorial Day Weekend Coca-Cola 600.  The Speedway hosts many fun outdoor events, such as the Monster Truck bash and the Fall AutoFair, as well as musical performances and much more.

    Botanical Gardens

    If extreme sports, fast cars, and general physical activity are not your cup of tea, may I suggest a quaint afternoon stroll through the tulips? At the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens, you’ll be surrounded by the most gorgeous floral displays in the city. The outdoor gardens are open every day to explore, and the McMillan Greenhouse is open each weekday, both for free. The facility also offers programs and events for all ages, such as art workshops and gardening classes for adults, or storytime events for kids.

    There’s no wrong way to get outside and get active, and whether you live in Charlotte or are seeking out Charlotte houses for sale so you can make this awesome town your home, there’s going to be something here that suits your style of exercise and adventure. The important thing is to get outside and enjoy your time with friends, family, or even with yourself. There’s nothing, a little sunshine and fresh air can’t cure!


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