Paulo, a Missouri caregiver was sentenced for 17.5 years for the death of a disabled man.


A Missouri based woman, Sherry Paulo get 17.5 years in prison on the federal charges. According to the prosecutors she is the most culpable woman in the death of a developmentally disabled man.

In April 2017, Carl DeBrodie’s body was found in an encased concrete Fulton storage facility but according to the investigators, he died months ago. Carl resided in the home of developmentally disabled people which was assisted by Paulo. Apart from Paulo, his husband and two childrens were also charged for his death.

On Tuesday, Paulo was sentenced in the U.S. District Court at the Western District of Missouri in Jefferson City and received a maximum sentence than provided in her plea deal.

According to the Columbia Missourian report 2018, the body of Carl was found after a seizure after which he was left to die in the bathtub, says the court documents.

The Missourian also reported that the court documents says, the employees of the Second Chances Home, were forcing him in a fight with other residents.

On Aprl 17, 2017, DeBrodie was reported as missing, while his remains were found 6 weeks later in a Fulton storage unit, but according to the investigations he died in 2016.

Paulo in her statement delivered to the police said that she watched DeBrodie was unable to breathe, and she already knew first aid and CPR, but she didn’t rescue him or helped him medically.

In November, Paulo pleaded guilty. She was charged with one count of depriving DeBrodie of his civil rights and one count of health fraud.

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