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About The Movie Pelli Choopulu

Pelli Choopulu, a romantic comedy film by Raj Kandukuri and Yash Rangineni in 2016 in the Indian Telugu language. The leading roles include Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma. The film revolves around a boy, and a girl who meet during matchmaking and how their ambitions bring them together forms the remaining plot, partly based on an event of “Spitfire BBQ.”

The film was launched globally on 29 July 2016 and has been a successful company. The film has given the cast and crew a breakthrough.

The movie earned 2 Telugu Film and Best Screenplay National Film Prizests, 2 Filmfare Awards, and 3 SIIMA Prizes. This was re-created as a Vijay Superum Pournamiyum in Hindi as Mitron (2018) and Malayalam (2019). Oh, Manapenne, a Tamil remake, is also in manufacture.

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Pelli Choopulu Movie Plot Details

Prasanth goes to a matchmaking case in the house of Chitra. He is a man with almost five years of clarification to complete his BTech, but he is lazy and unable to do any job. He dreams of being a chef and opening a restaurant, but his father doesn’t support him. Chitra is a very concentrated girl who works hard to meet her Australian dream. Her dad shows no interest, however, because she’s a kid. When their younger cousin, Subhash, meets at the competition, they accidentally lock the door that jams frequently and eventually get trapped. They talk about their history to spend time.

Chitra reveals her love for Vikram, the North Indian. Both decided to start a company for food trucks. Vikram went to Delhi to discuss their love and business with his father. In the meantime, Chitra began her plan earnestly and was willing by buying the truck to surprise Vikram. Then things went wrong, and it wasn’t with covetousness that Vikram returned. Chitra and her dad waited for him, but her dad wanted to get married to someone else if they realised Vikram wasn’t coming back.

Prasanth reveals on his turn that he was unemployed and went away always with his two colleagues. He made cooking videos with his friends because he loves cooking. However, it wasn’t rentable enough, and they intend to produce prank videos and Prashant’s father, who finished their plan, caught them in a red hand. After his father suggested him, he got a job in a call centre. He began to introduce a girl to his colleagues, but she cheated on him. He only learned when her second boyfriend called him to work, and after fighting with his employer, he left his job.

Prasanth was then discovered to be at the wrong address for his matches. Then Prasanth attends his current matchmaking event with a wealthy family. Meanwhile, Chitra says that she is not interested in marriage to the man who comes to her match. He and Chitra decide to operate their food truck, Prasanth as the chef and Chitra in charge of things’ business sector. The Prasanth Bride family wanted him to run a business. They face many difficulties at first, mostly through the laziness of Prasanth and her friends and the fight with Chitra and the abandonment of the food truck.

Prasanth visits the house of Chitra and tells her dad that he ought to be proud of having such an important girl. He says he’d have a daughter like Chitra if he ever had a child and maintains he let her go for her dreams. Chitra acknowledges Prasanth’s good nature and subsequently convinces his dad to make Prasanth’s recipe a natural cook. With the assistance of the two parents, they start their company. Your food truck would then be a disastrous success. They fall in love in the end, without realising it, but they both are committed to others, so they drift apart.

Pelli Choopulu Movie Cast Details

· Vijay Deverakonda plays Prasanth

· Ritu Varma plays Chitra

· Priyadarshi plays Kaushik

· Abhay Bethiganti as Vishnu

· Nandu plays Vikram

· Anish Kuruvilla plays Businessman

· Kedar Shankar plays Prashant’s Father

· Khenisha Chandran plays Richa

· Yogi Khatri is Event Manager

· Padmaja Lanka is Prashanth’s Mother

· Gururaj Manepalli is Chitra’s Father

· Sujata Gosukonda is Chitra’s Mother

· Anisha Alla is Prashanth’s Ex-Girlfriend

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