Pennyworth Brutally Killed Alfred’s Friend Bazza, Here Is Everything You Should Know


Pennyworth has been airing and the latest episode, “The Belt and Welt”, which left the fans were left in shock after seeing the tragic death of Alfred’s close friend.

Alfred finally made enough to get him, his mother, and his friends to America. As London got on the cusp of war, Batman’s future butler had no interest in being around as this powder keg exploded but, his mother was taken and her kidnappers took Alfred’s money in exchange. With this going on the story, the last episode “The Belt and Welt” showed Alfred searching for the person responsible which resulted in him losing his friend Bazza.

Alfred’s father gave him a vision saying to suspect those who are closest to him. Initially, Alfred believed that his money was taken away from him by his former SAS Captain, Gulliver Troy. But, as his friend doesn’t have anything to do with him, Alfred continued his investigation. Later, with the leads, he finally found the person responsible for all this as when Dave boy remembered that he drunkenly bragged about their money to several patrons at Alfred’s nightclub.

With the Barmaid’s expensive new ring, Alfred got to confirm that her boyfriend, Vic was the one who stole their money. In response to it, Alfred, Dave Boy, and Bazza tracked Vic down to a traveling circus. As they arrived, Alfred was eager to get his lost money back but instead of planning, he went with direct actions from which the trio of ex-soldiers was attacked by Vic and his friends in a gunfight.

Alfred managed to survive the gunfight and found Vic, who had a bag full of his money inside. The two men fight, and Alfred brings an end to the brawl by stabbing Vic in his neck. However, Vic’s girlfriend Barmaid attempted to run away with the money. For that, she took the bag in Bazza’s car and clumsily drove away and then she crashed the car into some canisters and the vehicle went up in flames.

Alfred and Dave boy both were watching the car burning from a safer distance, but Bazza was closer to the blast. He fell on his knees and his two friends rushed over to his side and discovered that the explosion had sliced right through his stomach. Bazza only had a few moments left, and he used them to say goodbye to his two friends. He tells them to get away from this life, to get married, rich and old.

Both Dave Boy and Alfred were at Bazza’s side when he passed away. Both of them were in a total mess, as the money for which they came was burning in the car and they even had lost their best friend. Now, Alfred is left to find another way to get money, if he still wishes to travel to America, for that maybe he had to get back to his old SAS Captain work again.


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