PM Narendra Modi

Omung Kumar’s 2019 biographical drama. Omung Kumar directs the movie with Vivek Oberoi in PM Narendra Modi. Suresh Oberoi, Sandip Singh, Anand Pandit, and Acharya Manish produce the film under the banner of Legend Studios. Narendra Modi, India’s 14th Prime Minister, on whom the movie is based upon.

As the main scenes originates, the film began in January 2019. Hitesh Modak and Shashi-Khushi composed the background works. Javed Akhtar, Samer, Abhendra Upadhyay, Irshad Kamil, Parry G., and Lavraj wrote and released the film’s lyrics. Javed Akhtar later confirmed that he did not write a film song and, like Sameer, is surprised that his name appears on the credits. On May 24, 2019, the film was first released in India. Critics have panned the film, calling it a hagiography, while praising Oberoi’s performance. Around the world, more than 23.70 crore was earned.

PM Narendra Modi
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REVIEW “PM Narendra Modi”

PM Narendra Modi with starring Vivek Oberoi was the first film based on the PM to hit theatre when it reopened on 15 October.

From the humble beginnings to India, PM Narendra Modi, released on 15 October. On 24 May 2019, the first film was released. Sandip Singh, the film producer, thinks that, when the movie was last released in theatres, the political agenda hampered the film and that very few could see it. This time he hopes that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will do well.

In response to the decision to re-release the biography, Singh stated, “PM Narendra Modi was the best prime minister in the country, as demonstrated by the 2019 elections.” What could be more exciting than witnessing the re-opening of today’s most inspiring national leader’s story? Furthermore, due to its political agenda, the film was not widely seen when it was first released. We hope that the film will become an obligatory lease for people in this country to see in theatres.”

The cast of Omung Kumar’s film includes Boman Irani, Darshan Kumaar, Manoj Joshi, Prashant Narayanan, Zarina Wahab, Barkha Bisht Sengupta, and Yatin Karyekar, as well as Rajendra Gupta.

“I am very happy and pleased to have the theatre re-opened and our film PM Narendra Modi re-released,” Kumar said on the re-release of PM Narendra Modi. We put in a lot of effort to make this film, and we are thrilled that it will be re-released so that those who missed it can now see it. We want to see our labour of love appreciated by everyone.”

PM Narendra Modi
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The film was first released by two stars, Shubhra Gupta, and was deemed critical by The Indian Express. “In keeping with its tone and tendency, the film reveres its subject, portraying it as a noble, sacrificial, and wise man whose love for his ‘ba’ (Wahab) is never greater than its love for Bharat Mata,” she writes. The opposition demonstrates its weakness and venality. Manmohan Singh does not have a single moment to speak, but only to keep “mauns”); Modi’s failure with a complicit journalist demonstrates that a corrupt trader (Narayanan) (Kumar) can be fatal.

Narendra Modi’s PM charts Narendra Modi’s rise and fall in Indian policy. The film depicts Narendra Modi’s journey from his early days in the RSS to his current position as President-in-Office of Gujarat and, eventually, Prime Minister of India.

Last year, Omung Kumar’s biopic did poorly at the box office.”


PM Narendra Modi
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Critics and Box Office response

Critics universally panned the film, calling it a hagiography and criticising Oberoi’s performance.

The film’s bias toward the protagonist was noted by Ananya Bhattacharya of India Today: “Even the most controversial parts of PM Narendra Modi’s life – the Godhra riots – are planted on the Opposition as a way to keep Modi from serving his people.”’s Nandini Ramnath wrote, “The film’s insights into Modi’s rise are entirely unintentional. Those interested in the use of cinema for propaganda will undoubtedly be drawn to the monomaniacal focus on one man above all else ” The Times of India’s Renuka Vyavahare gave the film two and a half stars out of five and criticised the script “You can’t enjoy it because it’s too slippery. Many questions remain unanswered. While it believes that ‘Modi is insaan, soch hai,’ we believe that the written text should be more reflective.” There was an error. She was, however, one of the few who praised Oberoi, saying, ‘He gets the right way, accent, sound, and thankfully doesn’t overdo it.’ Shubhra Gupta gave the film two out of five stars in a letter to The Indian Express, saying, “The movie is not simply a biopic, it’s a complete, unabashed, unpologetic hagiography.” According to The Hindu’s Kennith Rosario, the film’s plot is a generous love letter to the protagonist, saying to the audience, ‘It makes you wonder if life is a parody of this film, how sincere, hard-working, fair and honest Mode is.’

On its opening day, the film grossed 2.25-25 million nett, making it the second best-performing film in India that day, trailing only Aladdin (2019). The following day, it earned 3 crore nett. Collections increased slightly on Sunday, with earnings of 4.25 crore. Monday’s earnings were 20% lower than the previous day, totaling 1.85 crore nett. On Tuesday, the film earned 1.7 crore nett. The film earned 1.5 crore nett on Wednesday and 1.1 crore nett on Thursday. The film has earned a total of Rs. 23.70 crore globally.

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