Police officer sexually exploited girls he met online on Minecraft.

On Tuesday, a former deputy sheriff from Texas received a sentence of more than 18 years in prison for exploiting the young girls from Massachusetts sexually when he met them online.

The Massachusetts district U.S. Attorney’s Office in their statement said that the 20-years-old Pasquale Salas met 12 years old girl via an online gaming network in 2014. both of them interacted via online chat room. Later on, they communicated through texts where Salas asked the girl for sexually-explicit videos as well as photos.

According to the federal prosecutors, Salas intimidated his victims to maintain contact with him and continue sending the sexually explicit materials. He blackmailed them to leak their materials if they don’t agree to his conditions.

The federal prosecutors statement said, “In May 2019, when the victim attempted to terminate contact with Salas, he repeatedly sent threatening communications to the victim, using web-based applications to disguise the source of the communications.”

Salas was arrested in July 2019, while his phone was investigated and it was found that it contained sexually explicit videos sent via social medias.

Salas was a deputy investigator at Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office in his initial days. Ultimately Salas confirmed that he exploited a 12-years-old girl.

He forced the girl to continue the conversation with him while taking the images and videos. He also forced her to submit her social media details so that he could track her online activities and pictures.

The prosecutors mentioned, “Salas sent pictures of himself inside a police car and with a gun and told the [second] victim that he had law enforcement friends in Massachusetts who would follow her and that no one would believe her if she reported what he had done.”

Salas also used to send his victims gifts and love notes. According to MassLive, one of his victims received a jwelery and an Edible arrangement.

Now, the 26-years-old Salas has pleaded guilty to minor cyberstalking and sexual exploitation. Apart from prison, he is undergoing 5 years probation as well as sex probation treatment.

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