Pro-Basketball is coming back to Florida

The Pro-Basketball is returning back to Florida, and the game is all set to be played while the coronavirus cases are soaring outside. This can be done for various reasons and you are free to guess anything.

The league is ready to be played inside a protective bubble, or an arena near Orlando. The COVID-19 cases are surging in the state, and the NBA is all ready to restart and is all get set go.

NBA has been the most progressive than the other major pro sports leagues in the country. All are excited to watch their new decision to work out. 

22 teams were selected and finalized by the NBA and its players’ union, the National Basketball Players Associations on Friday.

They are going to arrive in Florida on 7th July and the games will be played on the count on 30th July.

Pro-Basketball is coming back to Florida
Pro-Basketball is coming back to Florida

For, the stay and for playing the Walt Disney Resort has been chosen, the game would be played in three separate arenas and of course no fans are allowed, for cheering up or even for watching.

Sad but true, and good for our health and safety. The NBA and the union have agreed on a comprehensive set of health and safety measures to make sure that all the players and staffs are as safe as possible from the exposure to the virus.

A protocol has been prepared for a hundred pages that cover all the aspects of everyone’s health. The document states “It’s possible that staff, players, or other participants may test positive or contract coronavirus.

The occurrence of a small or otherwise expected number of COVID-19 cases will not require a decision to suspend or cancel the resumption of the 2019-20 seasons.”

If we judge or look by the first round of mandatory testing in advance of the restart, the situation looks manageable. “I think the precautions the NBA is taking to enhance the safety of the bubble participants are nothing short of extraordinary.

Once on campus, I think will appreciate the NBA’s work on this,” said a team general manager to The Athletic “If the cases keep spiking in Florida, things are going to happen.

I am really really concerned for the league big picture-wise in many many ways,” said another general manager.

They are also convincing the players who are involved in protesting about George Floyd’s death, that this is going to give them a platform for promoting their issues and opinions. Well, let’s see what shape do things take in the end.

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