Protester Found Guilty in Aiding the Fire at Minneapolis Police Precinct

The fatal police brutality which, George Floyd was subjected to, in May 2020, provoked nationwide protests in America, some of which took drastically violent turns. The tragic death of George Floyd brought forth the image of systemic racism still practiced in various major parts of America.

It gave rise to the movement, Black Lives Matter, with citizens participating in huge numbers to protests against the institution of racism in America. Enraged protesters were captured setting fire to the Minneapolis Police Precinct, the accused place which led to the death of Floyd. The 26-year-old Bryce Williams from Minnesota was charged with “conspiracy of committing arson in connection to the May 28 fire at the Third Precinct”.

According to official reports, the 26-year-old had aided in setting the police precinct ablaze. Three other men, along with Williams were also accused of “breaching a perimeter fence and setting fire to the precinct”. It is only 26-year-old Williams, who has been convicted as of yet. The Third Precinct was targeted by the protesters, as it happened to be the workplace of the four police officers who were connected to the killing of George Floyd, which shook the nation. 

Anushna Das
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