“QAnon Shaman” refuses to eat non-organic food in jail

The pro-Trump rioter seen in a bearskin headdress and horns in the Capitol last week is refusing to eat unless he’s given an organic diet, his mother told the Arizona Republic.

Gerald Williams, Chansely’s public defender, told the court Chansely hadn’t eaten since he was take n into custody on Saturday. Williams said Chansely had a restricted diet but couldn’t say if it was for religious or health reasons. 

Magistrate Judge Deborah Fine told Williams to work something out with the US Marshal’s office. Fine ordered Chansely held until January 15, when she would rule on whether he could be released before going to Washington, D.C. to face the charges against him. 

Chansley has been charged with has been charged with entering a restricted building without authority to do so, disrupting the conduct of government businesses, knowingly entering either chamber of Congress or adjacent rooms without authorisation, and parading or picketing in any Capitol Building.  

Priti Mann
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