Rape Charges added against a 27year old man after mother founds her 13year old daughter overdosed on his bed


A 27year old man is charged with rape and sexual battery after a minor girl  was found unconscious on his bed by her mother on Tuesday. 

Jackson Hernandez- Gomez was arrested on Tuesday by Metro Nashville  Police on the charge for sexual battery on a helpless person , and on  Thursday was also charged with rape in the same matter.  

The police officers responded to a residence in South Nashville on Tuesday  “ for a rape involving a 13 year old girl and a 27 year old suspect.” 

As per the statement given by the girl’s mother to the officers states that she  entered Hernandez – Gomez’s room and found her daughter laid out on his  bed, she was not moving and white foam was coming from her mouth which  left her physically helpless. 

While in his defence, Hernandez-Gomez told the detectives that the child  came home drunk and high on drugs and entered his room , laid on his bed  and indicated that she wanted to have sex with him. He penetrated the girl with two fingers before her mother came home. 

The girl was transferred to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital because of  possible overdose of drugs, as mentioned by the officers. 

The suspect was booked into the Metro Jail on Tuesday, where he was held  on an $80,000 bond and with the rape charges added on Thursday morning  included a $150,000 bond. The police officers mentioned that he was living in  the girl’s house for several weeks with her family while working on a  construction job with one of her relatives. The house that the family lives in is  located in the building that also houses a church. 

The Online Jail records points out that Hernandez-Gomez was not eligible for  release due to a detainer from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or  ICE. 

The investigation is still ongoing.

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