Release of “Grand theft auto 6”, all about its plot and release.

Release of “Grand theft auto 6

All about Grand Theft auto

Initially released for Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS in October 1997, developed by Rockstar North and published by its parent company Rockstar Games Grand theft Auto is a series of action-adventure games. The game was later ported to Play station in 1998 and the Game Boy Color in 1999. The series is split into separate fictional universes. Grand theft auto and its expansions are known as “2D universe”, Auto 3, and sequels are “3D Universe” and so far Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5 are known to be “HD Universe”.

Home Release
1997 Grand Theft Auto PS1 2D
1999 Grand Theft Auto 2 PS1 . Dreamcast
2001 Grand Theft Auto III PS2 . X Box 3D
2002 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PS2 . X Box
2004 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2 . X Box . PS3 . Xbox 360
2008 Grand Theft Auto IV PS2 . Xbox 360 HD
2013 Grand Theft Auto V PS2 . Xbox 360 . PS4 . Xbox One . PS5 . Xbox Series X

Having shipped more than 280 million units, the series has been a great commercial success with an estimated revenue of over $9 billion.

GTA 6 Plot and expected Release date

Earlier in March 2020, a rumor did rounds on the internet stating the release of GTA 6 as 25th March 2020. With this new series, developers have tried to be less realistic and more adventurous. Built over the story similar to “Narcos”, the game is set up in the 1970s to 1980s. Though there is no official announcement about the date of release as yet, however, considering the current pandemic situation the production and development have been put to hold. Hence, we believe that development might finish by 2021 with an expected release in 2022.

Release of “Grand theft auto 6
Release of “Grand theft auto 6”, all about its plot and release.

If you have been wondering “What’s the Storyline” then we have got everything a gamer must know bout the series. Each installment of the action-adventure game has a storyline where the protagonist rises from criminal events and finds his way to the top, although the reason behind this differs in every part. Each of the storylines comprehends at the climax with the protagonist achieving his initial goals.

In the last game Grand theft auto 5, the story begins with a crew of bank robbers attempting to rob a security company. One of the robber’s murders a security guard and the crew is then followed by cops. One of the robbers Michael convinces the FBI to allow him a fresh start in exchange for other crew members. 

According to the world, Michael is laid to rest and the other crew member Brad is serving a life sentence. Fast forward 9 years Michael is seen in therapy and has started a new life. He is under a nostalgia for his original life that was full of action and adventure.

One after another series of events unfold giving Michael a taste of his old life.

Play the game to find out more.


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